Recent Active Research

Professor Joseph Chow

Title: CAREER: Urban Transport Network Design with Privacy-Aware Agent Learning

Funding Agency: NSF


Title: Stable matching of service tours to design cooperative policies for transport infrastructure systems

Funding Agency: NSF

Professor Samer Madanat

Title: Multi-Scale Infrastructure Interactions with Intermittent Disruptions: Coastal Flood Protection, Transportation and Governance Networks

Funding Agency: NSF


Title:  Support System For Resilient Transportation Networks

Funding Agency: NYU

Professor Kaan Ozbay

Title: Portable and Integrated Multi-Sensor System for Data-Driven Performance Evaluation of Urban Transportation Networks

Funding Agency: UTRC


Title: Bridge Deck Reconstruction Traffic Simulation Study

Funding Agency: Rutgers / NJTP


Title: Paramics Real-Time Module Development of BMS Emulator

Funding Agency: Noblis


Title: Prediction of  Safety Risks Using Surrogate Safety Measures

Funding Agency: AIG / NYU


Title: RE-CAST: Tier 1 UTC

Funding Agency: Rutgers University through Missouri S&T / USDOT


Title: Develop Data Storage and Access Platform for MTA Bus Time Data

Funding Agency: NY City Department of Transportation / Region 2 University Research Transportation Center (UTRC) at CUNY (USDOT RITA)


Title: Type 1: Reductionist and Integrative Approaches to Improve the Resiliency of Multi-Scale Interdependent Critical Infrastructure

Funding Agency: NSF